Zsuzsa Zs. Vincze

professional leader

As the professional leader of the Hungarian National Dance Ensemble, I feel it is important that everyone gets to know the traditional dance and music culture of their own people (because we can only truly love what we have come to know), and that through this knowledge everyone can experience and experience the uplifting feeling of belonging to the community and the nation. In addition to this noble goal, another mission of our long-established, professional dance group is to represent Hungarian stage dance with its diverse repertoire, which has created lasting artistic value, both at home and abroad. All of the performances created here, without exception, testify to the dedicated love of the members of the ensemble. The richness and beauty of our folk culture can be impressive in itself for the spectators, but, like a precious stone, it needs an artistic "socket" with which we dream our common treasure, a unique national our heritage. We are proud of our ensemble, the young dancers and musicians who work here, the serious and in-depth work, during which we try to create works in which the artistic talent and extraordinary professional preparation of our members of the Hungarian National Dance Ensemble can be seen.