Zoltán Zsuráfszky

artistic director

On behalf of the Hungarian National Dance Ensemble, I greet you with respect and love, who honor our work with your interest and attention! The Hungarian National Dance Ensemble, which operates within the organizational framework of the long-standing Honvéd Együttes, as its name reflects, is the dedicated guardian and perpetuator of our national heritage and millennia-old traditions... The name accurately expresses the mission and also the obligation of my ensemble; the responsible and professional work he does to introduce, popularize and elevate Hungarian folklore to artistic status. The Hungarian folk dance is the most alive keeper of the national characteristics, and at the same time it is the simplest form of communication between different peoples, since we can get to know each other's customs, temperament, and tastes without knowing each other's mother tongue. During the dance, the expression is sincere, the "soul" is revealed. I believe that here in the Carpathian Basin, getting to know the traditions of different nationalities, respecting and preserving each other's culture is the pledge and symbol of our survival. The basis of our ensemble work and stage productions is this original, traditional folk dance and folk music culture, with which we have been trying to provide our audience with a lasting experience for many years. We hope to welcome you to our ranks soon!