Love, property, marriage, social and individual interests. Which one is most important? The happiness of the young lovers or the incorporation of lands that, by following the age-long tradition, would provide a living for the new family? Is it possible to build on the bliss of a moment?

The story of Merry-Go-Round takes place in Hungary in the 50s, where the ultimate social order is determined by productive associations that shape the common fate of farmers. But not for everyone. Are the laws of society stronger than common sense and the devotion of two people? The film (Merry-Go-Round, 1956) based on Imre Sarkadi’s short story is one of the biggest classics in Hungarian film history.

Director: Attila Vidnyánszky
Choreographer: Zoltán Zsuráfszky
Actors:  Varga József m.v., Szűcs Nelli, Berettyán Nándor, Farkas Dénes, Szász Júlia.

Hungarian Dance Ensemble

Musicians: D. Tóth Sándor, Liber Róbert, Csávás Attila, Takács Ádám, Szabó Dániel
Musicians (recorded): Balogh Kálmán, Madarász András, Kovács Ferenc, Bede Péter, Rácz Csaba, Lelkes Tibor, Lakatos Róbert
Stage design: Mira János
Costume: Zs. Vincze Zsuzsa
Dramaturge: Zs. ​Vincze Zsuzsa
Assistant director: Kernács Péter
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