Sundaze Peacock Variation

The knowledge and presentation of our authentic dance and music traditions have always been considered by the artists of Hungarian National Dance Ensemble as the foundation of their creative work. Their programme is an invitation for a journey to rediscover our splendid folk costumes, the fascinating tunes of our folk music and the virtuosity of our dancers.

The motif of the peacock is the symbol of everlasting love in Hungarian folk art. The first part of the programme focuses on this theme while the second part features a choreographic poem to accompany Zoltán Kodály’s Peacock Variations.

Music: László Kelemen
Musical editors: István Gázsa Papp, Dániel Szabó
Solo singers: Zsuzsanna Eredics-Fekete, János Appelshoffer, Dániel Szabó
Assistants: János Appelshoffer, Tünde Rémi, Gergő Sánta, Attila Tompa, Attila Tókos, Gábor Valach
Matyó dances coached by György Ágfalvai and Andrea Lévay
Choreographers: Zsuzsa Zs. Vincze, Zoltán Zsuráfszky

Music: Zoltán Kodály’s Peacock Variations (from sound recording)
Art Advisor: Zsuzsa Zs. Vincze
Choreographer: Zoltán Zsuráfszky
Sets: Kázmér Tóth I Scenic design: Gerzson Péter Kovács
Costumes and Art advisor: Zsuzsa Zs. Vincze
Director: Zoltán Zsuráfszky Kossuth Prize winner

Presented by the Hungarian National Dance Ensemble