…one more sentence…

…one more sentence…


“Since then the ’idea of ’56’ still has a major and decisive influence on my artistic work, the purity of it’s values will always guide me and will always have an effect on my dancer and choreographer career.” Zoltán Zsuráfszky

“It happened more than twenty years ago that as a young performer I danced to Gyula Illyés’s poem
titled ’One sentence about oppression’. In those times even dancing to a poem was counted as an anti-regime act – better still if it had a political message…“

Young artists and intellectuals were observing those choreographies – like the time I covered myself with mud to László Nagy’s poem ’The coming of the guests’ or the one called ’The wind is blowing cold’ (by the Muzsikás Ensemble) which was heart warming and celebrated revolutionary virtues. This is how we ’silently’ commemorated the anniversary of the Revolution of 1956 with dance and music.

Director-choreographer: Zoltán Zsuráfszky
Presented by the Hungarian National Dance Ensemble